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Shortly we are off to Extremadura Spain so keep a look out for some interesting birds. I have invested in a new lens so all could go wrong but fingers crossed.

Spring has arrived

My blackbirds have decided that the pond is a great source of food.
Both male and female fish out newts regularly, one evening I watched them take 4.
Click to see the proof.


I have long suspected that we have more than one sparrowhawk.  I now have the proof.  There are two - both males and one has a spotted back the other plain. The picture above was digiscoped through the lounge window on my phone.Spotty as we call him is to the left.

This years first chick - 11th April 2014.  We have a couple of blackbird chicks. They look well, they should do being fed on my newts.


The siskins have been visiting all winter and are still coming for a nyjer feed and a drink.

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