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I have selected what I consider to be my best photos in all categories here.  They appeal on many levels to me.  I consider a photograph to be more than just an image and try to get an artistically satisfying image and one which captures something of the character of the subject.  The ones I have selected come somewhere on that path but I have to say that I have seen images on the web that take my breath away.  These breathtakers do however give me something to aspire to.

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Move and I'll rip yerr head off!!
Bempton Cliffs - the place for watching Gannets. See full set.
Not wild birds these Flamingoes but stunning none the less in the Slimbridge spring sun.  These were out for an airing having spent most of the winter in a shed.

They are cute but a bit of a nuisance sometimes.

Bewicks at Slimbridge.

An photogenic common whitethroat alongside Loch Sunnart in Scotland

Close formation or what?

A handsome bird the Starling

Attention to feather detail is vital for this Black Headed Gull.

How did this Puffin catch the last sand eel without loosing the others?

A voracious predator by my pond.
Nobody could be disappointed by a trip to Gigrin Farm to see the Red Kites.  In winter there can be as many as 500.

Blackcaps love Callicarpa berries and gorge them in winter.

An evil eye maybe but a graceful bird the Herring Gull.

A Silver Washed Fritillary in the late summer sum.

A hover fly feeding.

The cold weather of 2010/2011 produced some lovely frost pictures.

Boy's Grave in the Forest of Dean. The layers of colour are a delight in the autumn.

Larch needles in the Autumn.

Soudley ponds - calm water reflects the sky and treescape.

A redhead goosander.